Deep in the Dungeon Month 1

30 December 2022

Category: Projects

Hi guys and gals,
after a long time full of work and learning, I felt like NOW is the time to finally jump into building the game I always wanted to make. As a huge fan of Dungeon Master, I’ve always wanted to make a game similar to that. It’s not a simple or easy task, but the heart wants what the heart wants. It’s a labor of love, and after one month of working on it, I’m proud to showcase the first steps on the long journey to my first ‘proper’ game.

What have I done in this first month:

  1. Movement on tiles and along the editable paths.
  2. Lot of work on map editor. Laid out the foundation for future work as well…
  3. Created some placeholder assets; this is going to be pain in the future as I’m not a 3D Creator yet. I need to learn so much!

Keep creating!