Yoga Timer

02 March 2024

Category: Projects

Finally finished another Dart&Flutter project. I was missing sorely proper timer for my meditation and yoga practice, so I decided to create one. I wanted to have a timer that would be able to play a sound at the end of the sequence but just once. I also wanted to be able to set the time and be able to set a pause between asanas. Default android timer just won’t do it for me. So here it is, customizable timer for home exercise, meditation and whatnot. It’s called Yoga Timer, but it can be used for any kind of exercise.

What features this app has:

If you like it and want to add something, let me know. I’m open to suggestions!

Download zip directly from here:

Or from

It was fun to work on it, and it’s really great feeling to finish it exactly as I wanted it to be :)

Keep creating!