CSVEditor in WPF with MVVM pattern

01 August 2020

Category: Projects

HELP NEEDED! I was able to develop all the features I wanted, but I got stuck on Git operations. Therefore, if you have the willingness and skills to help me with this, you are more than welcome. There is a problem with too many redirects on authentication to GitHub and I’m afraid the solution is out of my current understanding of HTTP.

This project started as a tool to input new entries into CSV files on which this very website is built. I wanted to have control of what I’m entering, and to make sure that everything works before I push the changes to the repository. In the end, the project has grown into proportions comparable with the website itself, but it’s OK because I learned a lot of stuff along the way.

Well, the project continuously grew into a rather complex tool, and I’m happy with the result. I’m already using this tool to make updates on my website. It’s designed to update CSV data for things like websites or configuration files because it gives you an overview of what data you enter into a CSV file and to edit these pieces of data. However, it’s not designed to edit huge data lists.

You can download and try it out for free and if you let me know what could be done better or added to the tool, I will be very grateful for your input!