Analog Clock Controller asset

24 December 2019

Category: Projects

Hi everyone, I’m proud to announce that I have successfully published my first asset in the Unity Asset Store. After months of work, debugging, creating necessary materials, video-guides and documentation, it’s a great relief. I really like this asset, I have been using the asset in all my projects since I started creating it. Namely in the Magic Forge game, and in the CourseApp where it serves as the means to control the progress bar of an audio clip player. Using this asset during its creation was very helpful in finetuning the API and in finding and resolving the bugs :-).

I hope this asset will help many developers to lighten the burden of creating a similar functionality. Clocks are not so simple as they seem to be :D



Models of the clock tower and the turbine of RMS Belfast ship are made by Tomáš Binder.

You can check/buy this asset in the Unity Asset Store.