Website - Lada Ballowe

25 March 2020

Category: Projects

Hello guys and gals,
I haven’t been posting in the last few weeks, right? Well I was working on this website together with my beloved wife Sonya. This project is basically her work as she designed the whole thing, and kept a strict eye on the visual details even during the coding phase. I met and conquered many challenges durring this project, for example:

It was intense, but I think it was worth it. The website is imho quite nice and working well, considering my level of experience. I believe there will be many smaller or bigger changes in a future. Also, I’m aware of some really no-go practices in the code which I will correct in time. God knows how many of these I have already corrected during the development process… :P

The site is now live, so you can have a look: Lada Ballowe