Angular - The Complete Guide (2020 Edition) course FINISHED

10 May 2020

Category: Courses

What a course! It says 33,5 hours now, but it’s a very intense course, and information are delivered in a very condensed and fast way. Yet in a complete and comprehensive way. Max is taking care to explain pitfalls and traps as well as advantages. I learned a LOT in this course, enough to make my first commercial website project and another project which I use as a quiz platform. I can wholeheartedly recommend this course and Angular itself :).
The main project was this app called Recipes Book but during making this course I also made pages for my friend Lada Ballowe and a simple quiz platform (which I would do very differently now, but that’s the learning process :) ) Quiz-O-Matic .
It was intense and it was hard.

List of topics in this course:

Great course and Max is awesome teacher.