Flutter & Dart - The Complete Guide - 2023 Edition

10 October 2023

Category: Courses

Aloha! Just finished yet another amazing course from Maximilian Schwarzmüller on my path to exploring what dev world has to offer. This time it was Flutter and Dart course. I must say, I’m impressed by the power of Flutter. It’s really easy to create beautiful apps with it. By far easier than with other frameworks I tried. I’m looking forward to creating more apps with it, honestly. Already made one when I was in about third of the course: Knighthood Heroes. That was already fun to work on, and I have 1 or two more aps I would like to make for myself. Course itself was absolutely first class stuff, fast, deep, not shying away from difficult (and important) topics. I got nothing to complain, just feeling happy I tried Max’s course again.

What interesting techniques I learned:

It was a lot, and all important things. I’m looking forward to using this knowledge in my future projects.