Realm Rush

30 November 2020

Category: Learning Projects

Hi everyone,
This is a third project from an awesome course for Unity 3D from GameDevTv. I learned so much in this one and it opened to me many new doors. And it was really fun to work on this. The project itself is a simple tower defense game. In the course section there was a mega challenge to do an enemy destroy system,
and I couldn’t stand the visuals of the course project, so I took it forward and completely remade graphics with my own assets and awesome free assets RTS Sci-Fi AssetPack V1. I’ve also added a tower shop. However, I just wanted to make proof of the concept, so there is just one kind of tower. Interesting stuff I learned and implemented:

Well, this one was fun and I feel like I advanced to a new level with it. The next one is an FPS project…Looking forward to it :)



Take 1: Pathfinding and smooth movement

Take 2: Graphics change

Take 3: Added towers and destroying of enemies

Take 4: Added Realtime placement of towers and game loop

Final Take 5: Post-Processing, pathfinding refined, basic sounds