Zombie Runner

24 December 2020

Category: Course Projects

Hi guys and gals,
I’ve finally finished the Unity 3D course from GameDev.tv. It was a fantastic course and I learned a LOT. This last project is FPS shooter. In the course it’s zombie themed, but zombies are kind of boring so I remade it as a prototype for fantasy dungeon/FPS. I think I never used so many assets from the asset store in any project yet. I won’t even try to list them all. It was great to see that those years of learning this, it’s finally coming all together and what used to take me a week or a month is now a atter of few hours or sometimes even minutes. Which is great, because I decided it’s time to try to monetize my experience and next time create something on a whole other level!

What were the noteworthy topics in this project?

  1. The enemy AI in Unity style.
  2. The navigation with navmesh.
  3. The general way of creating an FPS, and lot of good tips and small details which can be really helpful in a bigger project.

Keep creating!