Glitch Garden

13 April 2019

Category: Course Projects

Hi everyone. I made this project called Glitch Garden as the last one in Unity 2D course. I pretty much followed the course without a lot of visual changes, since there was little I wouldn’t already know thanks to my practice in this area. Main differences between my version and the course version are in code.

Primarily, I tried to implement different Audio Sources to differentiate volume settings for different areas. I chose to create an interface for every sound area (i.e. music, game sounds) and it turned out great. There was quite a bit of work in wiring it all together, but now it’s super easy to create and implement s new Audio Source and work with this new source through main Sound System object.

I also chose to change many little things here and there, when I felt the course approach to be not extensible enough, or too hard-wired.

The final project is in no way a full-featured or bug-free game. I did not wish to spend too much time tuning a game I’m not that much interested to develop. And it would mean to repeat familiar tasks anyway.

Anyhow, it’s working and you can check out how complex and great projects are taught in this awesome course.

My takeaway from this project is a full understanding of composing different scripts on one object and working with these complex objects. It’s a very convenient approach.

Enjoy checking this project out :)