Parabot3D Prototyping, week 2

23 March 2019

Category: Parabot3D

Hi everybody. I have just finished development week 2. It was quite an intense time. Parabot now has more features, less bugs and more content. As usual, I refined and refactored the whole code, which is always necessary, but it’s fun as well. What was added this week:

Fortunately, there is a lot of useful stuff on Unity asset store, so the boxes and terminal UI basics come from there. Furthermore, I have to mention the amazing 2D graphic work of my lovely girlfriend, who modified graphics from asset store and also made some new ones.

I hope you guys and gals will like it and enjoy the prototype of dev week 2. Let me know if you have some ideas how to improve what’s in there so far, or what would you like to see in this game in the future!