Parabot3D prototyping, week 1

26 February 2019

Category: Parabot3D

Last week, after some thinking and vision processing, I started with prototyping of my new and quite ambitious project - Parabot3D. The theme of this game is a robot, who accidentaly gained consciousness and is on his path to freedom through corridors of his mother station and beyond. On his journey he must overcome puzzles and enemies, interact with several beings and maybe even find out what’s behind his unexpected state.

What I achieved from my plans for the first week? Actualy quite a lot, considering how much more work it is than I anticipated :D. I Made simple models in Blender, then made them ready for Unity and in Unity made them ready for a game. I created several interactive parts of the design - a pressure plate, a roll over plate, destroyable ground, automatic doors. All of these are customizable in all aspects and mutualy compatible so that it is fast and easy to create from them many different situations. It all took lot of learning, tuning and problem solving. My previous projects are quite different so there were some concepts I have never met before, so it was a rich opportunity to learn a lot of new things.

What’s in this first mini-demo? Just three rooms and a short corridor with three types of mechanics.


The first room has a platform which needs to be destroyed by three high jumps, which access roll-over switch below the grid. The second room has a pressure plate to open the door, which then closes behind you and you can’t get back anymore. The last door is just a plain automatic door.

What’s the plan for next development week? Mainly, I want to create save/load station point, computer terminal for various purposes, visual cues for interaction possibilities. Pushing/pulling objects to use on pressure plates (they will be weight-dependant too). And if time allows, I’m also planning to start working on the robot body (this ball is just one of the variations of mobile unit) and possibly enemies.