Animation course for beginners in Unity course FINISHED

01 September 2019

Category: Courses

I’m happy that I have finished this course. I had a lot of fears connected with this topic. I think I was quite proficient in animating objects and scripting sequences, but this course focuses mainly on topics that were new for me - humanoid animations and practical applications of humanoid models in games. I always felt overwhelmed with all those settings and options and animation tabs with gazillion keys… Well, anyway, I went for it, went through it and learned a lot along the way. I have even done the final project almost all by myself. There were only two details in setup that I had to look up. I believe it’s the kind of situations in which a lot of animators pull their hair out, like forgetting to apply changes in animation settings and then searching for a long time what’s wrong… :P) Penny is a fantastic teacher. She’s thorough and has a great way of explaining things, and also she provides perfect materials to work with and challenges her students.

Highlights of the course: