Unity Tech Art: Realistic Lighting For Game Development

01 May 2020

Category: Courses

I’ve just finished this awesome course. It’s an extensive course to teach students the basics of lighting in Unity and allow them to understand this topic to a good extent. The teacher prepared tons of very helpful materials for this course and also tons of resources, which removes lots of mundane tasks and let the student focus on the topic itself. I found this approach wonderful and very helpful. Because the topic itself is quite complex and requires understanding of many mechanics and terms. I’m happy I went through this course, because my lack of understanding whats going on with lights and just throwing some random stuff into the scene was bugging me a lot. Even during this course I could use the newly acquired knowledge to add some lighting and effects to Project Boost like emissive materials, spotlights and gradient global illumination of the scene to make it look more like Mars :P

Highlights of the course:

Great course really!