FileSpy in WPF with MVVM pattern

21 June 2020

Category: Mini

Hi everyone,
I made this mini project to do a task at work, which would take too long to do manually and would be prone to errors. The app is made to search a directory and its subdirectories based on directory and file name filters, and to extract certain pieces of information about the files it found into CSV document.
Nothing fancy, but I’m happy to see how the practice of the past few months paid off, because I could implement with ease asynchronous tasks and make it all work quite fast, and it spared me perhaps weeks of tedious work. It’s a nice, dense project, full of useful code and I hope it could be helpful for somebody else as well. Feel free to expand this code as you wish. It should be fairly easy to add more options for logged data. I just needed those two in this project for my purposes.